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Get ready to hit the road with Chesterfield Factory & Warehouse

Our bespoke carpet and rubber van mats fit seamlessly into your van or truck. Not one-size-fits-all, our van mats are hard-wearing and come perfectly tailored for any car model and make.

All of our car floor mats are made to order in the UK and even better...  you’ll get FREE delivery on orders over £40.

Far more than just a necessity, van mats are a statement of how much you really love your motor. Beauty is both inside AND out, so your pride and joy deserves a luxury interior too. That’s why we offer a range of exclusive van mats; they not only bring comfort underfoot but also ooze luxury as you step in.

From 0 to 100

We’ve got custom van mats to suit everyone; affordable for those who don’t do many miles, right through to those after five-star interiors. 

For the more discerning car lovers, choose our highest quality mats; the Executives. 

They truly represent the very epitome of vehicle excellence. 

Showroom finish

Your car floor endures a lot; from pets and kids, through to muddy feet, snack wrappers and crumbs. Van mats not only provide the ultimate finish to any vehicle, but they’ll protect your carpet from damage and stains. 

Every range offers the perfect blend of texture and hard-wearing materials to ensure all of our van mats are both water resistant and anti-slip. 

Pimp your ride

Twin your van mats to your car interior, or choose a different colour for a bold, contrasting look. Our more premium ranges - the Super and Executive - come in the widest range of colours. 

Here at, we offer an extra layer of personalisation, with bespoke embroidered text down the edge of the driver and passenger mats. What’s more, you can really make your interior POP with a unique trim; our customisable van mats are available with a stand-out coloured edge.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Take a look at what our customers have got to say about their bespoke van mats.